Residential Service: We provide troubleshooting, repairs, and upgrades for your entire home’s electrical needs.We are a full service electrical company capable of providing any need you may have including:

Service / Maintenance

Gilmore Electric specializes in troubleshooting and repairs to existing wiring and electrical systems in your home, our licensed and insured staff are experts in the area of troubleshooting and repairs to existing electrical systems.  We are extremely proficient in repairs to vintage electrical systems. Whether it’s a simple short circuit, flickering lights, fuses continually blowing or circuit breakers tripping, Gilmore Electric is equipped and has qualified electricians to handle any situation.

With over 50 years’ experience in the landscape lighting industry, Gilmore Electric is the number one choice for landscape lighting design. Whether you’re interested in the latest state of the art low voltage or line voltage installations, our certified electricians will make sure your design is installed properly and functioning as it should. Then once your landscape lighting has been installed, enjoy piece of mind with our maintenance program. We provide annual reviews for our service maintenance clients, giving your complete peace of mind.

Based in South Florida we are more than aware of the need for a good back up system when there is a loss of power. We have been lucky the last few years but there will be hurricanes again someday and best you are prepared.
We are dedicated to providing top-quality power generator installations at competitive prices including home generators and commercial electric generators. We are professional, reliable, fully licensed and insured and take pride in completing all jobs accurately and in a timely manner. When you give us the opportunity to show you our work you will not be disappointed.

Installing a ceiling fan with a light kit can become confusing and who really wants to stand on a step ladder holding a 25LB fan anyway? We do!! Call Gilmore Electric today and we will install the ceiling fan for you, no hassle and no mess.

Ever opened a light fixture and wondered where all those wires connect to? Well wonder no more our residential light team will make light work of it. From installing a chandelier 25 foot up in a galleried ceiling in Bears Club to lounge and kitchen down lights on intracoastal condos. Over the years Gilmore Electric have been in business we have come across probably every light fitting or fixture imaginable, trust us to install them properly.

As a general design rule, recessed lighting is used for three purposes: general illumination, highlight and task lighting. For general illumination, use would use larger lights with flood lamp light bulbs. Giving optimum lighting where ever required. We have installed recessed lighting in all rooms throughout various Palm Beach homes including saunas and ball rooms but the majority of our work in installing in kitchens and living rooms where there may be a height restriction. Recessed lighting is also a great way of remodeling you interior with subtle light changes and dimmer switches.

An electrical service upgrade can be messy and expensive, but there are times when it’s necessary to protect your family, have the latest conveniences, and also add value to your home. Unlike say St Augustine most of South Florida’s homes are unlikely to be older than 50 years old but with the high humidity we have, your electric system needs to be reviewed more often than say Arizona.Call Gilmore Electric today and have one of our qualified electricians review your electric system before it’s too late.

Nowadays everyone want the fastest internet service but if your homes’ wiring is outdated the fiber optic cables AT&T and Comcast are paying so much to install in your neighborhood will be a complete waste of money unless you have invested in the correct wiring yourselves. Communication lines are so important today and help to integrate, connect and route your cable and phone. Make an investment yourself and take advantage of high speed Internet connections and high definition TV.

LED lighting is fastly becoming the most energy efficient available type of lighting on the market. Such efficiency provides significant energy savings and a rapid return on your initial investment. Did you know 1 LED lasts as long as 15 incandescent bulbs? And like the older lights we are used to they are dimmable for mood settings and they use classic fittings. There is also the fact they are far more environmentally friendly when they have come to the end of their life.

Updating, renovating or remodeling your home, whatever you call it, it can be an enormous task and shouldn’t be taken on by just anybody. More than likely if you are updating your home with new appliances or electronics then you are more than likely going to need to renovate your electrical system.This can be as simple as adding more power outlets, lights or adding to your existing breaker panel. Beware though, renovating your home and not adhering to the correct electrical renovations requirements can be potentially harmful to your home and your family, don’t leave things to chance invest in the best with Gilmore Electric

No matter if you built and designed your home yourself, given time there will always be an area where you need that extra electrical outlet. Sometime a switch is required because you want to use a standing lamp in a new area, Gilmore Electric can install these extra switches and outlets for you. We will also review your breaker panel and make sure that is sufficient for the new requirements.

A GFCI – or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter device protects you from receiving electric shocks from faults in the everyday electrical devices we use in our home. It works by comparing the input current on the hot side to the output current on the neutral side. If there’s the slightest difference in current, on the order of a few milliamps, then there is current leaking out somewhere, possibly through a person! To protect you the device quickly cuts off the power supply to the device concerned within 20-30 milliseconds.

Should you think or know you need a new GFCI installed we can advise you on the best solution for you requirements..

Gilmore Electric has the experienced staff and expertise in all types of electrical construction, service and design.

If you have any questions, please contact our staff who will be happy to help you !